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2011 – 2012 The 6th Daily Readers “Read Out Loud" Competition Award Announcement

The 6th Daily Readers “Read Out Loud" Final Competition, organized by KEA Learning International Ltd. and sponsored by Smart Education Charitable Foundation, was held at the University of Hong Kong on 21 April 2012. It was a great success! All the contest takers performed well and were praised by our judges as the best performances ever! We extended the competition to secondary schools, and many schools participated in the competition.

Three champions from different divisions are:

  • Junior Primary division: Chloris Ng from St Paul’s Convent School (Primary Section)
  • Senior Primary division: Hilary Wong from St Paul’s Convent School (Primary Section)
  • Secondary division: Charlotte Wong from Hotung Secondary School

We would also like to thank our sponsors:

(Not in any particular order)

  • Hong Kong High Technology Ltd.
  • NICI Asia Limited
  • Moskigo
  • Listerine
  • Step-One Books Limited
  • Mimio

We have our honor to have invited Mr. Lo Chung Kwong, Honorary Member of Research Expert Team, Bilingual Learning Research Centre of Nationwide Learning Research Society & Associate Teaching Fellow, the Hong Kong Institute of Education and Mr. Kevin Chan, President of Smart Education Co. Ltd. and the consultant of Daily Readers PLUS to be our judges.

We also invited Ms. Elsa Tsang, General Manager of KEA Learning International Ltd., Ms. Angela Mung, Brand Manager of Pacific Asia from NICI Asia Limited and Mr. Human Cheung, Director of Po Leung Kuk & Managing Director of Hong Kong High Technology Limited to be our guests of honour.

We hope all the candidates enjoyed the experience. See you next year!

Competition results:

(Top) Champion of Junior Primary Division, Chloris Ng
(From Left to Right at the bottom) 1st Runner up, Maryam Bibi & Seven Merit Award Winners & 2nd Runner up, Shum Cheuk Yiu

(Top) Champion of Senior Primary Division, Hilary Wong
(From Left to Right at the bottom) Seven Merit Award Winners & 1st Runner up, Yeung Lok Yi && 2nd Runner up, He Ying Jun

(Top) Champion of Secondary Division, Charlotte Wong
(From Left to Right at the bottom) Seven Merit Award Winners & 1st Runner up, Pauline Rose Trieu & 2nd Runner up, Cheung Hin Ki

We also have a media coverage on Metro Daily on May 9, 2012

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