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Daily Readers

Reading is a means to help students seek information, develop thinking skills and enrich knowledge. For students to develop the habit of reading, they should also read outside class time and school. Reading a wide range of text types with different subject contents and the appropriate ability level will help sustain students’ interests. Daily Readers can facilitate the development of reading skills and boost students’ interests in reading.

Students can read articles of different text types:

Learning schedule (Level 1 to Level 6):

  • Series A,B,C and D are designed for level 1 to 6
  • Each level will have a weekly theme

At least 3 different authentic text types per week:

  • letters, emails,
  • diaries, journals,
  • recount, dialogues, interviews
  • posters, rules, timetables, leaflets,
  • poems,
  • short stories,
  • news reports and many more …

Daily reading, grammar & vocabulary practices

Themes relate to modules that students are familiar with:

  • Me, My Family and Friends
  • Connecting with the Natural World
  • Places & Activities
  • Using My Five Senses
  • Storytime
  • Relationships
  • My Neighbourhood
  • Food & Drinks
  • Hong Kong & Macao
  • Changes
  • Natural Elements
  • Beauty

Audio CDs are now available for DAILY READERS! Please call us for details.


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